Video is hot, video is now, video is everywhere!

You need insight on video. How video is being used and created now and what video will become. Get the insight you need from powerhouse leaders in video marketing. Hear inside knowledge on brands & video, media & video, Facebook & video and more - only at the Video Marketing Conference. If you want to be on the cutting edge of video for marketing and leveraging video you need to be at this conference.

+ Networking: Make new connections at the VMC & after party.

+ Awards: Enter to be considered for a Video Marketing Award.

About Swansea Communications

Swansea Communications has been offering marketing, conference planning, social media and public relations services since 2011. Our clients span many sectors and are located across the country. We have a proven track record of success with both conferences and marketing.

Our conference planning services come with a difference, a personal difference. Whether producing our own event or administering and managing on your behalf, we’re fully invested. We get to know every detail, every contact, every sponsor – even every delegate because that level of familiarity is our key to success.

Couple our personal level of service with our marketing strength and you’ve got a winning combination. Because conference administration gets even easier when you also get a marketing department.

We’re excited about bringing great conferences to life and to those that need them. We look forward to hearing from you so we can get started on making your next conference or conference experience – outstanding.

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or 250.688.0189