2019 speakers

Jeff Pelletier.jpg

Jeff Pelletier

CEO & Chief Strategist - basetwomedia

With a background in internet marketing, Jeff began his career as a video producer and director before co-founding video marketing agency Basetwo Media. Today he writes, speaks, and consults with clients about video marketing strategy. Jeff leads the Vancouver Video Marketing Meetup and is the author of a new book, The Inbound Video Marketing Playbook.

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Jonathan Anthony3.jpg

Jonathan Anthony

Global Head, Corporate Communications - Teekay

Jonathan heads up small team of creative and tech-savvy storytellers and digital production executors with the mindset of an in-house agency. The team has one ear outside the organization intercepting and parsing brand, content and technology trends; and the other inside the organization listening for, and mapping to, business and cultural demands and opportunities.

Leveraging prosumer technology and clever production techniques, their low-cost, time-sensitive execution of projects and campaigns produces 100s of pieces of video and multimedia collateral every year.

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Bernadette Butler

CEO & Co-Founder, Storytap

Bernadette is a passionate storyteller, determined to shake up the retail industry with smarter solutions that automate and promote authentic video reviews at scale, giving customers what they want – real, fast, product information from people that look and sound like them. As the CEO of StoryTap, and a co-founder within the Techstar’s family of brands, she is responsible for building StoryTap into the tech unicorn that it’s growing to be.

Bernadette has over 20+ years experience in advertising & marketing, and even has two ads on the World’s Funniest reel. Her passion for marketing technology and mentoring is only slightly overshadowed by her passion for encouraging more women to get on the front lines of innovation.