2019 Canadian Video Marketing Awards

The Canadian Video Marketing Awards have been revamped, expanded and improved for 2019!

We’re excited to announce the 2019 awards program, we’ve reviewed all parts of the awards program from 2018 and tightened up the categories, changed the nomination process, developed more robust guidelines, gathered a strong judging panel and all around CRANKED things up.

Winning a Canadian Video Marketing Award is no small task - our judges will be looking for great video MARKETING, which is to say we want to know what your video achieved, how you did it and of course watch some great videos. We believe great video marketing is like any great marketing - well defined, goal oriented, measured by success and effective. There’ll be no celebrating ‘spray and pray’ here.

Have you or someone you know ventured into the world of video marketing with tremendous success? We invite you to apply, share the award entry with your network and hope to see you in December.